Jan 132021
Zoom Recordings to Knowmia for ADA Compliance

Zoom and TechSmith Knowmia are connected. When recording in Zoom, choose Save to Cloud, and your recordings are automatically uploaded to your TechSmith Knowmia library in a folder called Zoom Recordings. After your Zoom meeting recording is finished, you will receive two emails, one from Zoom and one from TechSmith Knowmia, both pictured below. If you […]

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Sep 152020

The Center for Distance and Online Learning is available to assist faculty with converting and importing exams/quizzes into your courses on Blackboard. Our staff will convert your exam into a digital format and import it into your course Test or Pool area. This will take 5-7 business days in turnaround time depending on the volume […]

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May 062020

Here is what you need to know and do! Where are my Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 Blackboard course shells? You will find empty Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 shells waiting for you in the new Blackboard instance at https://newbbprod.hvcc.edu. You will also find zzzz_777_username development shells to use the same way you have previously […]

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Apr 302020

Test Proctoring Solutions using the Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor If you require test proctoring for your final exams we are piloting the Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor products. LockDown Browser Overview LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system. Used at over 1500 higher educational […]

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Apr 302020

Online Instructor Training For about 20 years now, HVCC has had a Quality Assurance protocol that requires online faculty to be trained in best practices. Additionally, the faculty contract requires it. And SUNY research has documented that it takes about 150 hours to build a course. Because HVCC is committed to Faculty academic freedom, we […]

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Apr 022020

Choose your Course Modality for Summer…then choose your tools, training, and schedule! Spring 2020 has been a rollercoaster of new tools and strategies for teaching as the entire campus committed to academic continuity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like other campuses, we rose to the occasion with whatever means possible to create emergency […]

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Mar 262020

What you need to know about mobile devices and Blackboard Blackboard App The Blackboard app is designed for students, allowing you to view and participate in your courses. But, the app does not replace the need for a computer as there are many Blackboard features and tools that you will use in your classes that […]

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Mar 242020

Mobile-Friendly Courses Advances in technology have increased the capability of mobile device functionality, which many of us find critical for balancing our busy lives as we rely on the convenience and on the go access to resources and information they provide. Students also rely heavily on mobile devices as most own at least one type […]

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Mar 202020

TechSmith Knowmia is an easy-to-use video creation and sharing platform that has robust accessibility support for video content. It also has features for student engagement with quizzing, analytics, and conversations. Use the HVCC TechSmith Knowmia instance to create your multimedia content (video creation, video uploading, YouTube Importer) because starting in Blackboard doesn’t give you full […]

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Mar 122020

How to Login to Zoom How to schedule Zoom meetings How to control your Zoom meeting Using Zoom Conference Calls How to join a Zoom meeting as a participant (student) Creating a Zoom Link in Blackboard Zoom Recordings to Knowmia for ADA Compliance and Storage (allows for saved recordings with captions for ADA compliance) Best […]

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Mar 112020

VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to add images, documents, and videos. Other users can add voice, text, audio files, or video comments. We have integrated VoiceThread with Blackboard so you can create and access VoiceThread materials easily from your Blackboard course. Instructor Resources Integrating VoiceThread with your Blackboard course […]

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Mar 042020

Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool designed for education. With the tools available and the capabilities, you can engage in a virtual classroom as if it were face-to-face. How to Create a Blackboard Collaborate Course Menu Link Frequently Asked Questions – Running Secure and Successful Sessions Troubleshooting Audio/Video Quality Issues The resources below […]

Sep 092019

You may have noticed new icons on some course content. These new icons are part of an accessibility tool called Ally that has been deployed on our Blackboard site. This tool focuses on helping faculty make new and existing content more accessible to students in Blackboard. It also offers students alternative formats for accessing content […]

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Oct 302014

Mozilla Firefox Users: How to Clear Firefox Cache – https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache Remove recent browsing, search, and download history – https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/remove-recent-browsing-search-and-download-history Google Chrome Users: Delete your Cache and other browser data – https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95582?hl=en For Obliterate the following items from: select the beginning of time from the drop-down menu Then select the following recommended options (a check mark appears […]

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Sep 222014

You may need to allow pop-up windows or disable them to view websites that are external to Blackboard such as Publisher Content and Resources. You will also need to allow pop-ups or turn off pop-up blockers: For Firefox Users: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/pop-blocker-settings-exceptions-troubleshooting For Internet Explorer Users: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/ie-security-privacy-settings#ie=ie-10 For Chrome Users: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95472?hl=en For Safari Mac Users: https://support.apple.com/guide/safari/block-pop-ups-and-unnecessary-content-sfri40696/mac

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