Jun 182021
Submitting Create a VoiceThread Assignments

Need Help With VoiceThread? Contact the Distance and Online Learning Help Desk at 518-629-7070 or email at DLhelp@hvcc.edu. Create a VoiceThread using Video Commenting Instructors may assign an oral presentation that requires you to present using video while sharing a PowerPoint presentation. This tutorial walks you through adding media and recording video. Select the VoiceThread assignment […]

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Apr 262021

Setting Up Your VoiceThread Link Navigate to the “Content” area for your course. Click on the “Build Content” menu. Select “VoiceThread” from the menu. Give the link a title and description if you’d like. NOTE: The description cannot contain any line breaks or multiple paragraphs. If you are creating a graded assignment, remember to enable […]

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Jan 132021

Create and Submit a VoiceThread Assignment For further detailed instructions and videos. Get the VoiceThread Mobile App for your device Open the App Tap “Settings.” Enter hvcc.voicethread.com as the domain. Tap “Sign in.”  This will direct you to HVCC’s login page. Enter your HVCC username and password Navigate to the VoiceThread Assignment in your course and select the […]

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Jan 132021
Zoom Recordings to Knowmia for ADA Compliance

Zoom and TechSmith Knowmia are connected. When recording in Zoom, choose Save to Cloud, and your recordings are automatically uploaded to your TechSmith Knowmia library in a folder called Zoom Recordings. After your Zoom meeting recording is finished, you will receive two emails, one from Zoom and one from TechSmith Knowmia, both pictured below. If you […]

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Jan 132021
Reconnecting Your Knowmia Media Link in Blackboard

Reconnecting Your Knowmia Media (Video) to the Link in Your Course This process needs to be completed after importing your course into a new course section, which is associated with the new course and students. Important TIP! If you are using the Conversation, Quiz, or Data Analytic functionalities, it is recommended that you create a […]

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Sep 152020

The Center for Distance and Online Learning is available to assist faculty with converting and importing exams/quizzes into your courses on Blackboard. Our staff will convert your exam into a digital format and import it into your course Test or Pool area. This will take 5-7 business days in turnaround time depending on the volume […]

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Jul 162020

What is Respondus? A powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be published directly to learning management systems or printed on paper. Step 1: Formatting your questions In order to import your test questions into the Respondus Software, you need to format your questions using their standard formatting. You may find it easier […]

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Jul 072020

For unsupported video file formats (WMV, AVI, etc.), please convert the files to MP4 before uploading. Below is a link to download Handbrake, a free media conversion tool, and a video showing the steps necessary to create an MP4 that can be uploaded directly to the Knowmia website. Download for Handbrake: Handbrake Website How to […]

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Apr 292020

The way you direct students to give presentations via Zoom may vary depending on your discipline and your grading structure/criteria for the presentations. The following are best practice suggestions for common situations, from a pedagogical and technical standpoint. Please note that pinning/spotlighting video is not suggested, since it will make the speaker, not their content, […]

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Apr 182020

You may want to move or copy an Assignment because it was created in the wrong folder and needs to be in a different folder. Important Note: If you need to copy an assignment or entire content folder to a new location any assignments are copied, but it creates a link to the original location. So, if […]

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Apr 092020

Additional Test or Pool Question Settings that can be applied globally to any test or pool. From the Test or Pool Canvas page Select Question Settings (located on the right-hand side of the page) Choose and set question setting options: Important Note: It’s best to set these options prior to building a test so all options […]

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Apr 012020
Editing Zoom Meetings

After you create a Zoom meeting, it is possible to edit it. If you are editing a recurring meeting, it is possible to edit all the recurrences of the meeting at once.  Editing in Blackboard  Please note: While it is possible to edit your meetings in Blackboard, the full functionality of editing may not appear. […]

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Mar 282020

 NOTE: It is suggested that you do not automatically record and save any Zoom meetings, per FERPA regulations and ADA requirements for captioning. A better way of recording, saving and adding closed captions to video content is to record using TechSmith Relay (find information on TechSmith Relay here). If you do choose to record a […]

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Mar 222020

Instructors can use a Course Menu Link to create a shortcut to the Zoom Meeting Page. From this page, instructors can schedule meetings and access the meetings to start them. Students can access the available meeting links from this page as well. Set Edit Mode to ON to perform these functions. Add a Zoom Link Select the […]

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Mar 202020
Import YouTube videos into your TechSmith Relay Library

In your TechSmith Relay Library, select Import from Youtube from the Create drop-down menu. In the Import from YouTube window that appears, paste the URL of the YouTube video that you want to import, and then select Submit. The video that you imported from YouTube now appears in your TSR Library and can be edited […]

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Mar 202020
Adding Media to Your Blackboard Course

Creating the TechSmith Knowmia “Launch” Link in Your Course In the Content Area where you want the Knowmia Media to go, select Build Content, and then Select TechSmith Knowmia. In the Create TechSmith Knowmia window, give the media item a name, and then provide an accompanying description or instructions. Select Yes for Enable Evaluation if […]

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Mar 112020

VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to add images, documents, and videos. Other users can add voice, text, audio files, or video comments. We have integrated VoiceThread with Blackboard so you can create and access VoiceThread materials easily from your Blackboard course. Instructor Resources Integrating VoiceThread with your Blackboard course […]

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Mar 042020

Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool designed for education. With the tools available and the capabilities, you can engage in a virtual classroom as if it were face-to-face. How to Create a Blackboard Collaborate Course Menu Link Frequently Asked Questions – Running Secure and Successful Sessions Troubleshooting Audio/Video Quality Issues The resources below […]

May 102017
Publish to Blackboard: Server Configuration

Add a Blackboard Server Important Note: you only have to configure the server settings once unless there is an update to the software that requires a new installation of the software. If you have trouble connecting to the server you may want to perform these steps again to confirm you have the right server settings. […]

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May 082017
Create/Edit/Delete Films on Demand links

First, login to your Blackboard course, and locate the folder in which you would like to add the video/ media. In a new tab or window, locate the video you would like to share with your students. The Library Media Resources page is: http://hvcc.libguides.com/media_resources For Films on Demand http://proxy.hvcc.edu:2048/login?url=http://digital.films.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?cid=1639&aid=1654 Films on Demand has more than […]

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