Oct 292012
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Prepare your Course for the Term

Courses are created in Blackboard for every course on the master schedule for every term. These courses are empty and require that you import your course content from a previous course shell. Each semester, you will export the previously taught course in Blackboard and import the export file into your new course. You should keep the export file your saved to your computer which can serve as a back-up copy of the course.

If you USE PUBLISHER MATERIALS, you may need to follow DIFFERENT STEPS to prepare your course, please contact the Distance and Online Learning Help Desk for further assistance, dlhelp@hvcc.edu or 518-629-7070.

Online & Web Enhanced Course Readiness Guidelines

Yes  /  No Have you Exported your course?
Yes  /  No Have you Imported your course?
Yes  /  No Do you use Publisher Content (i.e. McGraw-Hill Connect, Pearson, Cengage, Wiley, Course Cartridges, etc.)? If so, contact DLhelp@hvcc.edu if you have questions about moving your courses.

Yes  /  No Have you checked your course menu order?

Yes  /  No Have you revised Due Dates in your Course Schedule and Syllabus?

Yes  /  No Have you checked that Website and Course Links work in your course content?
Yes  /  No Have you made course content available?

Yes  /  No Have you created, recreated or deleted Announcements?

Yes  /  No Have you cleaned up your Grade Center?

Yes  /  No Have you removed the old discussion board posts in the new course? Have you made discussion forums available/unavailable to students?

Yes  /  No Have you made your new course available (visible) to students?
Yes  /  No Have you cleaned up your course list on the MyPage tab.
Have you used your Preview Student to view your course(s)?
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