Oct 292012

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Although this is an older model, publisher’s are still developing course cartridges to accompany textbooks. The newer model is the integration of publisher plug-ins to Blackboard.

In order to use the Import Course Cartridge feature, an instructor will need to obtain a Download Key, which is a unique PIN, in order to load a Course Cartridge into a Blackboard course. Download Keys are generated by the publisher and you will need to contact your publisher sales representative to obtain one.

Tips for Importing

  • It is important to read the instructions provided by the publisher before you import the cartridge into a course. Each publisher Course Cartridge is different and each cartridge imports differently into Blackboard.
  • Some publisher keys allow you to download once and copy as many times as you want. While other publisher keys only allow one download and no copying.
  • We recommend, when possible, to download any new Course Cartridge into a development course area (zzz_course) in order to view and test the cartridge before adding it to your actual course. However, depending on the publisher’s instructions you may or may not be able to download into a development area (zzz_course) first. You may need to download into your actual course shell and build your content around it.
  • If you are unsure about how to import, or what the limitations may be for your course cartridge please contact the Distance and Online Learning Help Desk to arrange an appointment to work with someone, DLhelp@hvcc.edu or 518-629-7070.

Import a Course Cartridge

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Packages and Utilities
  • Select Import Course Cartridge
  • Enter the Course Cartridge Download Key in the text box provided
  • Select Submit
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “The downloaded request for Cartridge material has been queued for your course name. The Instructor will receive email notification when the Cartridge has been installed.
  • Wait a few minutes. Then check your HVCC email for a message from Blackboard Administrator, this message will indicate that the import file has been successfully imported.
    Note: After receiving this email, you may find that it takes a few minutes or longer for all of your course content to appear.
  • Review your new course to ensure that all content has been imported correctly.

Note: In some cases you may find that some course tools are not available to you. To turn tools back on please follow the directions provided in the tutorial Tool Availability.