Nov 012012
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Edit Announcements

  • Set Edit Mode to ON
  • Navigate to the Announcement tool:
    • Select Announcements from the Course Menu OR
    • From the Control Panel
      • Select Course Tools
      • Select Announcements
  • Select the Down Arrow next to the announcement title you want to edit
  • Select Edit
  • Announcement Information
    • Make changes to the Subject and/or Message
  • Web Announcement Options
    • Make any changes to the Duration, Display After, or Display Until date/time
    • Email Announcement: Select the check box to email a copy of the Announcement to students in the class.
      • Note: This option will not work prior to the start of a term since students are disabled in the course until then.
      • Note: If you edit an Announcement and you do not uncheck this option, the Announcement will be emailed again.
  • Optional: Course Link
    • Make changes to the course link
  • Select Submit
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: Announcement edited.