Nov 022012
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End of Term Guidelines

Guidelines for archiving your course interactions at the end of a term. It is recommended that you document student course interactions by archiving key components of your course for your records.

Online & Web Enhanced End of Term Guidelines

Yes  /  No Have you Archived your course?
Yes  /  No Have you downloaded Grades to a Spreadsheet?
Yes  /  No Do you need to Print a Copy of your Grades?
Yes  /  No Have you downloaded the Grade History? (contains all activity between instructor’s/student’s and graded attempts)
Yes  /  No Do you need to run Course Reports? (Attendance, user activity in course)
Yes  /  No Have you archived Discussion Board Posts?
Yes  /  No Have you downloaded Assignment submissions?
Yes  /  No Have you downloaded Test results?
Yes  /  No Have you downloaded Survey results?
Yes  /  No Have you made your course Unavailable to students?
Important Note: If you assigned any student a grade of I (Incomplete), you must keep the course set to be “Available” in the Properties area in the Control Panel or the student will not be able to access it.
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