Nov 022012

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The Grade History tool tracks all changes made to grades within the Grade Center. The Grade History displays a table with data detailing every grade change in the Grade Center to date.

Viewing Grade History

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Grade Center
  • Select Full Grade Center
  • Select Reports
  • Select View Grade History
  • The Grade History table is displayed
    • To change the Total Entries Displayed, use the Drop Down Menu next to Show Entries from Past (upper right corner of table) to select new criteria and then select the Go button to display data

Download Grade History

  • Select the Download button
  • Options
    • Delimiter Type: select Tab
    • Include Comments: select Yes to include Grade Center comments, select No to not include Grade Center comments
  • Select Submit
  • Select the Download button
  • Select Open from the File Download window.
  • When prompted with an Excel warning message read the message and select Yes or No
    • Save to your computer: select Save from the File Download window and then you can open your Grade Center file in a spreadsheet program such as Excel
  • In Excel, select the Microsoft Office Button from the toolbar.
  • Select Save As and choose Excel Workbook from the list.
  • The Save As dialogue box appears, select a location or folder to save your file to, for example Documents.
  • Enter a Name for your file in the File name: field.
  • Make sure Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) is selected for the Save as type.
  • Select the Save button and your file will be saved in the location you specified.

HVCC Excel Gradebook – At the end of the semester the Registrar’s office needs a paper copy of your student’s grades.  This manual will provide you with some tips in formatting the Excel spreadsheet that you turn into the Registrar’s office.



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