Nov 022012

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Course Reports provide different ways to view information about student activity, content usage, course standards, and course objectives.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Evaluation
  • Select Course Reports
  • Select the Down Arrow for one of the following reports:
    Learn more on Course Reports on Blackboard website.

    • All User Activity in Content Areas
    • Course Activity Overview
    • Course Performance
    • Overall Summary of User Activity
    • Single Course User Participation Report
    • Student Overview for Single Course
    • User Activity in Forums
    • User Activity in Groups
  • Select Run
  • Report Information
    • Automatically populated
  • Report Specifications
    • Select Format: Choose an output format from the drop-down list (PDF is recommended)
    • Select a Start Date: Enter a start date in the date field or use the Date Selection Calendar
    • Select a End Date: Enter a end date in the date field or use the Date Selection Calendar
    • Select Users: Click on a user to select
      • For multiple users:
        • All Users: select the first user, then press and hold the Shift key while you scroll down to the last user, and select the last user – all users should be highlighted
        • Several Users: press the Ctrl key while selecting a users name (each select user’s name should be highlighted)
  • Select Submit to run the report
  • Your report may open automatically or you may have to select “Open with” or “Save” from a pop-up menu (varies by browser)
    • If report does not open, select Download Report from the “Successful Run:” page
      • Select either:
        • Open to open the report
        • Or, select Save and choose a location to save the report file to your computer (i.e. the desktop or your H: Drive).
  • Select one of the following options:
    • To run the same report for another user, select Run a new Report from the “Successful Run:” page.
    • To run a different report select the OK button to return to the “Course Reports” page
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