Nov 062012

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Instructors may view the results of Surveys which will show how Students responded to questions on the Survey by percentage.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Grade Center
  • Select Full Grade Center
  • Navigate to the Survey
  • Select the Down arrow next to the Survey Title
  • Select Download Results
  • From the Download Results page
    • Download Results
      • Select Tab, this will allow you to open and save the file in a spreadsheet
      • Format of results: Choose one of the following options:
        • By User: will include all of the questions for a user in one row.
        • By Question and User: will list each question for each user in a separate row. Choose this option for surveys longer than 40 questions.
      • Attempts to download: Choose one of the following options:
        • Only valid attempts: will only use the attempt that is being graded, for example the students first attempt will be downloaded.
        • All attempts: all attempts will be downloaded
    • Select the Click to download results button
  • Select the  Save option and save the survey results file to your local computer or H:/Drive.
  • Your results are then downloaded and saved on your computer for you to open within a spreadsheet program such as Excel.