Jun 242014

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You use the Course Menu to create a navigational path that allows students to maneuver around the course design and layout. Using the course menu links students navigate to the course materials made available to them.

Important Note: In order to add to or edit the course menu, you need to make sure Edit Mode is: On.

course menu

Course Menu Display (Design)

You can also choose to customize the course menu design by selecting to use either Text or Button links, along with your choice of color scheme.

The course menu can also be displayed in a Window View by selecting the Window View icon located at the top of the course menu. The folder view uses collapsible folders to access course materials and tools.


Navigating Using the “Breadcrumb Trail”

The “breadcrumb trail” consists of links that display a navigation path to a specific page (location in a course). The “breadcrumb trail” appears at the top of every course page and can be used to go back to previous pages or locations in a course.

breadcrumb navigation trail

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