Nov 152012

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Tool Availability allows you to select/unselect which tools are available to students in a course. Available tools are listed alphabetically on the Tool Availability page.

  • Available Column: The tool is available throughout the Course and users within the course.
  • Available in Content Area Column: You can create a link to tools in one or more Content Areas of the Course.

Video: Tool Availability (please note the look is different but the steps are the same)

Set Tool Availability

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Customization
  • Select Tool Availability
  • Select the check box(es) next to the Tool(s) you want to use in your course
  • Select Submit

Note: Tools with a grayed check box in a column have been turned off at the system level.  Tools with a Circle and Diagonal line in a column do not have availability settings in the system that can be changed.

 November 15, 2012  Posted by at 11:29 am Course Content and Tools, Tool Availability