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Once an assessment has been created in the Surveys area, the assessment then needs to be deployed (added) in a content area in order for students to access it. When deploying (adding) an assessment to a content area, you are actually just creating a link back to the assessment in the Surveys area.

  • Set Edit Mode to ON
  • Navigate to the content area where you want to add an assessment
  • From Assessments, select Survey
  • Add Survey
    • From the Add an Existing Survey box, select a survey from the list
  • Select Submit
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: name of survey created.
  • Survey Information
    • Optional: Make changes to the Name and/or Description fields
    • Optional: Show survey description to students before they begin the survey: select the check box to show, uncheck to hide.
    • Optional: Open Survey in New Window: Select Yes to open the test in a new browser window. Select No to open test within course frame.
  • Survey Availability
    • Choose Survey Availability options:
      • Make the Link Available: Select Yes to make the survey link available to students. Select No to make the link unavailable to students.
      • Add a New Announcement for this Survey: Select Yes to have an announcement about the survey created. Select No for no automatic announcement.
      • Multiple Attempts: Select either Allow Unlimited Attempts or Number of Attempts and enter a number in the text field
      • Force Completion: survey must be completed when launched, survey can only be access once unless attempt is cleared
      • Set Timer:Set expected completion time. Selecting this option also records completion time for survey.
        • Auto-Submit
          • OFF: User is given the option to continue after time expires
          • ON: Survey will save and submit automatically when time expires
      • Display After Date/Time
      • Display Until Date/Time
      • Password: a password is required to access the survey
  • Survey Availability Exceptions
    Important Note: You can set Availability Exceptions for selected users or groups in your course. You must select both Force Completion and Timer in order to use this feature.

    • To add exceptions:
      • Select the Add User or Group button
      • Select the Check box next to the Student Name or Group you want to create an exception for
      • Select Submit
      • Choose availability options for student or group – Attempts, Timer, Availability, Options
    • To delete exception(s): select the Remove All Exceptions button
  • Due Date
    • Optional: select the check box and choose a due date/time
    • Optional: select the check box to allow submissions after the due date/time
  • Show Survey Results and Feedback to Students

    • Choose Feedback options:
      Note: you can choose to set up one rule or two

      • When – provides options for when to students can view results
      • Status – provides student with survey completed/in-completed status
      • Answers:
        • All Answers – Displays all answer choices to students
        • Submitted – Displays the students answer
  • Survey Presentation
    • Choose Presentation Mode options:
      • All at Once
      • One at a Time
        • Prohibit Backtracking: select check box so students cannot return to a previous question, they can only move forward to next question
      • Randomize Questions: select check box to randomizes questions for each test attempt
  • Select Submit
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: … Edited.”
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