Jan 152013

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When a Student submits a test, such as a test with multiple choice and true/false questions, Blackboard can grade it immediately.  However, an instructor may need to review and/or modify the grade of an automatically graded test. From the Grade Center instructors can review, respond, and grade a student’s submitted work.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Grade Center
  • Select Full Grade Center
  • Hover your cursor over the desired cell
  • From the cell, select the Down arrow to open the menu
  • Select Attempt xx/xx/xx

    • Important Note: If the student’s attempt is in progress you cannot grade it until either the student submits the attempt or you submit the attempt on behalf of the student.
    • To do this select the Test Information link to open and choose the Submit Attempt button to submit
  • Review student submission result
    • To Edit a grade: enter the new grade in the X out of x points field for each question
  • Optional: Feedback and Notes for Attempt
    • Add any comments to the student in the Feedback to Learner field (displays to students)
    • Add any comments to yourself in the Grading Notes field (displays only to instructor)
  • Choose one of the following options:
    • Save and Next: to save score and view a second attempt by a student and/or to continue to the next student
      • Important Note: you cannot use Save and Next if no other students have submitted or additional attempts have been made to the assessment
    • Save and Exit: to save the score and return to the Grade Center
    • Exit: to exit without saving score and return to the Grade Center

Important Note: From the grade details page, you can also move to next or previous student or grade column by using either the Next User/Column arrows (>) or the Previous User/Column arrows (<) to go to the previous student (located next to the current student’s name or the grade column name) or the Jump to… menu.