Aug 132014

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Threads are a series of posts related to a similar topic. Threads also provide an organizational structure within a forum for sharing posts. When creating a Forum, the Instructor has the option of allowing or not allowing users to start threads. If grading by thread is set-up, users cannot start threads.

  • Navigate to the Discussion Board Forum page
  • Select the title of the Forum to enter the board
  • Select Create Thread
  • Message
    • Enter a Subject in the Subject field
    • Enter a Message in the Message field
  • Attachments
    • Select Browse My Computer or Browse Course to locate and select a file to attach
    • To remove a file: select Do not attach
    • Optional: By default your file name will display to users, to specify a title:
      • Locate the Name of link to file text field and enter a link title
  • Grading (if applicable)
    Note: If you have selected to Grade by Thread when you created the discussion forum you will see this option. If not, proceed to next step.

    • Grade Thread – confirm by selecting the check box
    • Points Possible – enter a value in the text field
    • Uncheck/Check the, “ Show participants in “needs grading” status after every x number of Posts,” selecting this option will display an in-progress indicator while students are posting their required number of posts and will display the needs grading indicator once the required number of posts are met.
  • Select one of the following options:
    • Select Submit
    • Select Save Draft to return later to make changes before the message is made available to all participants
      : Participants will not be able to see a post/reply until it has been submitted. See the tutorial on, Save Draft/Submit
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: Thread name of thread created.”