Jan 182013

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Threads grow as users respond to the initial, and subsequent, posts. Replies build on one another to construct a conversation which is then read by the user either all at once or as threads are added.

  • Select Discussion Board from the Course Menu or a Discussion Board link within your course content
  • Select a Discussion Board Forum
    You may see the following message if no posts have been made to the forum, No items found.” If you know posts are available then you may need to adjust your Display Settings in List View.
  • Select the Thread Title to open and read post(s)
    • To view posts that you haven’t read yet you can select the Unread Posts Number bubble to view them. Please note, any post you make appears as read therefore any post you make will not appear under unread posts.
    • Select Thread Title to Open Post
  • The initial post is displayed for you to read; along with the Author, Posted Date and/or Edited Date
  • Select the Thread Title of subsequent posts to open and read

Other ways to Read Threads: