Jul 302014

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A search function is available within the Discussion Board. The search fields include keyword, date and time restrictions, and options for where to search. From the search function, users can search all Forums in the Course, including any Forums that appear in the user’s groups.

  • Enter the Discussion Board Forum page
  • Select the Search
  • Enter a keyword or phrase in the Search field
  • In field: use the drop down menu to select where to search
    • Current Discussion Board: Searches threads/posts within the course discussion board, it will not search in subsequent discussion boards such as discussion boards created for groups
    • All Forums in Course: Searches all discussion forums in course, including group discussion boards
  • Choose After date/time and/or Before date/time
  • Select the Go button
  • Threads are displayed and the following options are available:
    • Filter: by Author, Status, Read Status, or Tags
    • Sort by: Thread Order, Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name, Subject, or Date of Last Post
    • Order: Ascending or Descending
    • Mark: Read or Unread (use the Select: All or None to select/unselect posts
    • Print Preview: creates a printable webpage