Jan 182013

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When you create a new thread or reply to a post, you can either submit the post, or you can save a draft of the post. By saving a thread/post/reply, you can return to it later to make changes before the message is made available to all users. Both faculty and students have this option.

Saving a Draft of a Thread or Reply

  • Select and enter a Discussion Board Forum
  • Select Create Thread or Reply to a thread/post
  • When finished composing your Message, select the Save Draft button
  • Your  thread/reply will have a status of Draft

Important Note: When a thread/reply is saved only the person who saved the thread/reply will be able to see it. The Thread/Reply will NOT be visible to anyone else viewing the Discussion Board.  For this reason, you must remember to open a Draft thread/reply and Submit it so everyone can see it!

Open and Submit a Saved (Draft) Thread from List View

  • Select Discussion Board from the Course Menu or a Discussion Board link within your course
  • Select a Discussion Board Forum
  • Select the List View button, if not already selected (upper right corner) – displays posts in a list
  • Select the Display button
  • Select Drafts Only
  • Select the thread link labeled “draft” to open your saved post (The Status will also indicate that it is a draft)
    • Accessing Saved Draft Post - List View
  • Select the Edit button
    • Select Edit to Submit
  • Make any necessary edits
  • Select the Submit button to publish (make visible to everyone in your class, including your instructor)