Jan 182013

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The Grade Forum feature allows instructors to evaluate student performance throughout the Forum. Once Grading has been enabled, a Grade Center column is automatically created.

Important Note: if you enable Forum grading, do not disable grading after you have begun grading your students’ work, or you will lose all of those grades!

Note: To create a new Discussion Board Forum and set up grading, see the tutorial on, Create Forum.

  • From the Discussion Board Forum page
  • Select the Down arrow next to the Forum title you want to enable grading for
  • Select Edit
  • Forum Information
    • Make changes to the Name and/or Description fields
  • Forum Availability
    • Make any changes to the Item Availability, Display After date/time, and/or Display Until date/time
  • Forum Settings
    • Grade:
      • Select “Grade Discussion Forum: Points possible:” and enter points in the text field
      • Select/Unselect the check box for Show participants in “needs grading” status after every ___ Posts.”
        • From the drop down menu select the number of posts, for example 3.
  • Select Submit
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: Forum name of forum edited.