Jan 182013

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The Grade Threads feature evaluates students performance thread by thread. Once Grading has been enabled, a Grade Center column is automatically created once the instructor creates an initial thread.

  • Select and enter a Discussion Board Forum
  • Select the Grade Thread button next to the thread you want to grade
  • Select the Grade button next to the name of the student you want to grade
  • Review student threads/posts
  • From the Grade box (located on the right-hand side of screen)
    • Click in the Attempt Grade text box to the right of Grade
    • Enter a grade in the Attempt Grade field, x/x
    • Enter any Feedback in the Feedback field (displays to students)
    • Enter Grading Notes in the Grading Notes field (displays only to instructor)
      Important Note: Select the Text Editor button to compose detailed or formatted comments
    • Select Submit
      Note: The grade and any feedback will then display in the Grade Center
    • To grade the next user: choose one of the following:
      • Above the Grade box select the current students name and then choose another student from the menu. Or, choose the Select All check box and then use either the Next User: or Previous User: arrows (< or >)
      • Select OK to return to the Grade Discussion Users page and select the Grade button next to the students name