Jan 182013

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Subscriptions to Discussion Board Forum or Threads allows Blackboard to notify users by email each time a new Post is added to a Thread or Forum. If this feature has been enabled by an instructor then students must elect to use the feature by selecting the Subscribe button which appears on the Forum page or in the Thread detail page.

Enable Subscriptions

  • Create a new Forum or Edit an existing forum (see tutorials on, Create Forum, and/or Edit Forum)
  • Navigate to Forum Settings
  • Forum Settings
    • From Subscribe, select one of the following:
      • Allow members to subscribe to threads – Use this option to restrict subscription to just specific threads in a Forum.
      • Allow members to subscribe to forum – Use this option to allow subscriptions to all threads within a Forum.
        • Include body of post in email – Use this option to include the message text in the email notification and a link to reply to the message.
        • Include link to post (Recommended) – Use this option to include a link to the message in the email notification.
  • Select Submit

Disable Subscriptions

  • From the Discussion Board Forum page
  • Select the Down arrow next to the Forum title you want to disable subscriptions for
  • Select Edit
  • Forum Settings
    • From Subscribe, select the following:
      • Do not allow subscriptions
        : Once subscriptions are disabled, subscription alerts are suspended and the Subscribe/Unsubscribe actions are no longer available.
  • Select Submit