Jan 182013

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Instructors can change the status of a thread by selecting a thread action.

  • Select and enter a Discussion Board Forum
  • Select the check box(es) next to the Posts/Thread(s) you want to change the status of
    • To Select All Posts/Threads: select the upper most check box (located next to the red flag in the column header row)
  • Select the Thread Actions button to open menu
  • Choose one of the following thread actions:
    • Mark as Read – select messages to be marked as read
    • Mark as Unread – select messages to be marked as unread. Unread messages appear in bold type
    • Set Flag – marks a post for later attention
    • Clear Flag – deletes a flag applied to a post
    • Publish – a published thread is available to participants
    • Hide –hidden threads do not appear unless a user chooses. Hidden threads cannot be edited, even if editing is enabled for the thread. Hiding threads can help users find relevant content since unneeded content is hidden from view.
    • Make Unavailable – unavailable threads are only visible to the instructor
    • Lock – Users can read the thread but cannot edit or add to it. A locked thread allows grades to be assignment without users updating or changing posts.
    • Unlock – unlocking a thread allows users to edit and add to the posts.
    • Change Author – allows you to change an anonymous post to your name.
  • To change thread status again, follow the steps above and select a different thread action