Jul 302014

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Instructors can use the Performance Dashboard to review student progress in the discussion board. For example, instructors can see at a glance: date of last post, total posts, average length, minimum post length, maximum post length, average post position for each forum a student has participated in.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Evaluation
  • Select Performance Dashboard
  • Locate a student and from the Discussion Board column:
    • Select the number to view details for the student
  • Student Discussion Board details are displayed
  • Optional: Email User: From this page you can email the student about their progress
    • Select Email User
    • Email Information
      • To: displays Student’s Name
      • From: displays instructor information
      • Subject: Enter a subject in the text field, by default the course name is displayed
      • Message: enter a message in the text field
    • Select Submit to send
    • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: Email sent.”
  • Repeat steps to view information for another student