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From Blackboard, Instructors can use the Send Email feature to send emails to individuals, all students, groups of students, etc. in their course. Instructors cannot send email to users outside of the course. A copy of the email is sent to the sender by default. Note: Instructors and Students need to read their email through HVCC WebMail, this feature only SENDS Email! Send Email only sends email to HVCC email address.

Important Note: You will not be able to use the SEND Email tool prior to the start of the term because students are not available within the course. On the flip side you cannot use this tool after students have lost access to courses at the end of the term.

To SEND an Email to the entire course prior to the start of the term you can use the Announcements area.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Course Tools
  • Select Send Email
  • Select one of the following options from the Send Email page:
All Users Sends email to all users in a specified Course.
All Student Users Sends an email to all Students in the Course.
All Groups Sends email to all of the groups in a specified Course.
All Instructors Sends email to all of the Instructors in the Course.
Single/Select Users Sends email to a single user or select users in the Course.
Single/Select Groups Send email to a single group or select groups in the Course.
  • If you select Single/Select Users and Single/Select Groups follow the steps below to select recipients:
    • Email Information:
      • From the Available to Select box, select the name of the user/group you want to email
        • For multiple users, either choose the Select All button or press the Ctrl key (Command on Mac) while selecting the names of the users or groups you want to email
      • Select the Right arrow (>) button, to move selected user(s)/group(s) to the Selected box
      • To remove users from the Selected box select the user(s)/group(s) and then select the Left arrow (<) button.
  • Enter a Subject in the Subject field
  • Enter a Message in the Message field.
  • Recommended: Return Receipt: Select check box to receive a copy of this message that includes a list of recipients. If this box is not checked, the sender will receive a copy of this message without the list of recipients.
  • Optional: Attachments:
    • Select Attach a file
    • Select Choose File to locate and select a file to attach to the email. After adding one file, the option to Attach Another File will appear.
  • Select Submit to send the email message
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Email was sent to the following recipients: names appear.

Read/Reply to Email

  • To Read and Reply to email messages you must login to HVCC WebMail (Outlook) account.
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