Feb 112013
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Content Management: Content Collection

The Content Collection is a very complex and powerful tool that allows you to create a file system structure for your courses. Currently, only the course file structure tool is deployed.

You can access the Content Collection area from the Control Panel within each of your courses. Only course instructors can access this area, students do not have access. What is important to know about the Content Collection is that any file you attach or embed to a content item (Item, File, Image, etc.) is automatically added to this file storage area in the course. A benefit of using the Content Collection area to add files to the course is that you can easily upload multiple files at one time into the storage area and then you can link to them (once or many times) from various content areas within the course. Additionally, you can easily overwrite (replace) older linked files instead of removing a file from an item and then adding a new one where you can end up with multiple outdated copies of the file.

Available Tutorials:

Setting up Web Folders (WebDav)

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Content Collection and then select the Course Name to enter the files area
  • Select Set Up Shared Location
  • Follow the steps provided to set up shared locations for your operating system
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