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Blackboard has a powerful rubric tool that can be added to any graded component and will automatically tabulate and drop grades down into the grade center. It also provides areas for general and granular feedback.

You may want to work with one of the HVCC Instructional Designers to build your first rubric. There are so many ways to use them that a review of your goals and how they are measured in class will help determine how to build the best rubric for each activity.

Important Note: Once a rubric has been used for grading, instructors cannot edit it. Instructors can make a copy of the rubric to make edits.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Course Tools
  • Select Rubrics
  • Select Create Rubric
  • Rubric Information
    • Enter a Name in the Name field
    • Enter a Description in the Description field
  • Rubric Detail
    • Configure the Rubric Grid to match your feedback and grading criteria
      • Select Add Row to insert a new Criteria row at the bottom of the grid
      • Select Add Column to insert a new Levels of Achievement column
      • Rubric Type: select one of the following from the menu:
        • No Points – feedback only
        • Points – single point value for each Level of Achievement
        • Point Range – range of values for each Level of Achievement
        • Percent – flexible depending on each items possible points
          • Select the Check box for Show Criteria Weight to show/hide criteria weights
        • Percent Range – range of values for each Level of Achievement
          • Select the Check box for Show Criteria Weight to show/hide criteria weights
      • To edit Criteria or Levels of Achievement labels:
        Note: There is a 1000 character limit for each cell.

        • Select the Down Arrow next to the label name
        • Select Edit
        • Enter a new Label Name in the field
        • Select Save
      • Enter either a point or percentage value for each field
        • If using percentages, the total weight for all criteria must equal 100%. No row can have a 0% weight. At least one level of achievement must have a value of 100%.
      • Enter a feedback for criteria and associated level of achievement in the text field
  • Select Submit
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: Rubric created:….

Reordering Rows and Columns

  • To Reorder Rows:
    • Select the Criteria button
    • Scroll down the page to find the Reorder Rubric Criteria window
    • Select Criteria name from the Items list
    • Select either the Up arrow or Down arrow button to move item
    • Select Submit when criteria is placed
  • To Reorder Columns:
    • Select the Levels of Achievement button
    • The Reorder Rubric Levels of Achievement window appears
    • Select an Achievement
    • Select either the Right arrow or Left arrow button to move the item
    • Select Submit when achievement is placed
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