Mar 122013

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Every Student has a value for every Grade Center item.  If the value is not a representation of the Grade, it will be one of the following symbols.

GC Icon Legend

  • User Unavailable – User no longer has access to the course.
  • Column Not Visible to Users – column unavailable to students in My Grades
  • Completed –Item has been completed by student
  • Needs Grading – student has submitted an assignment which needs grading
  • Override – you the instructor has entered an override grade, either via spreadsheet view or grade details page
  • Attempt in Progress –a student is currently using the assessment or assignment, will also appear if a student has not successfully submitted (for example bounced from test)
  • External Grade – not applicable
  • Grade Exempted for this User – instructors can exempt any grade from the Grade Center. Exempted items are not included in statistical or total grade calculations
  • Error – Grade Center Error
  • Not Participating – Student(s) are not participating in a particular assignment/assessment, for example you create a group assignment and you have a different assignment for each group, some students would participate in one assignment while the others would participate in the other.
  • Anonymous Grading is enabled for this item – allows you to eliminate grading bias for high-stake assignments by grading anonymously
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