Mar 122013

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The following gradable Blackboard tools will automatically generate a column in the Grade Center when the Grade feature has been enabled for that tool.

  • Discussion Boards – Must have a forum’s Grade settings set to either “Grade Forum” or “Grade Threads.” Discussion Boards are graded manually.
  • Assignments– A grade column is created when an Assignment is created. Assignments are graded manually.
  • Surveys – A grade column is created when a Surveys is created. Surveys can be scored automatically.
  • Assessments (Tests)– A grade column is created when an Assessment is created. Assessments can be scored automatically, or scored manually depending on the question types used.
  • Blogs – Must have Grade Blog settings set to grade. Blogs are graded manually.
  • Journals – Must have Grade Journal settings set to grade. Journals are graded manually.
  • Wikis – Must have Grade Wiki settings set to grade. Wikis are graded manually.
  • Turnitin Assignments – A grade column is created when a Turnitin Assignment is created. Turnitin Assignments are graded manually.
  • Self and Peer Assessment – A grade column is created when a Self and Peer Assessment is created. Self and Peer Assessments are graded manually.

To create these items, look in the appropriate sections of the tutorials list or the Blackboard Manual, which can be accessed via the control panel in any course.

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