Oct 232014

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When you create an entry, you can select either Post Entry or Save Entry as Draft. By saving an entry, you can return to it later to make changes before the entry is made available to all course users. Both faculty and students have this option.

Saving a Draft of an Entry

  • Navigate to the Journals page
  • Select the name of a Journal to enter
  • Select Create Journal Entry
  • When finished composing your Entry Message, select the Save Entry as Draft button
  • Your entry will be saved as a Draft

Important Note: When an entry is saved only the author of the entry will be able to see it. The entry will NOT be visible to anyone else viewing the Blog. For this reason, you must remember to open a Draft entry and then select Post Entry so everyone can see it!

Submitting a Saved Draft of an Entry

  • Select and enter a Journal
  • Select the View Drafts button
  • Select the Down Arrow next to the Journal Entry you want to post
  • Select the Open
  • Make any changes to entry:
    • Journal Entry Information

      • Make changes to the Title and Entry Message fields
    • Journal Entry Files

      • Select Browse My Computer or Browse Course to locate and select a file to attach
      • To remove a file: select Delete located next to an attached file
      • Optional: By default your filename will display to users, to specify a title:
        • Locate the Name of link to file text field and enter a link title
  • Select Post Entry
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: Journal Entry edited.”
  • Your entry should now appear in the blog and is now viewable by all classmates/instructors