Aug 042014

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Instructors can view student contributions to the Wiki. Contributions are reflected by the Words Modified and Page Saves.

  • Navigate to the Wikis page
  • Select the name of a Wiki to enter
  • Select Participation and Grading
  • From the Participation Summary page:
    • You can view a summary list of all student contributions:
      • Words Modified encompasses any word added, deleted, or edited.
      • Page Saves refers to any time the Submit button has been selected on the Edit Wiki Page, regardless of whether or not content has been changed.
    • Select a Student’s Name to view their contribution details
      • Page Version displays all pages created and edited by the user. A new version is created each time a page is edited. When versions are compared, the differences between any version and its previous version are shown on the Page Comparison page. A legend is available to explain the changes.
      • User’s Modifications, select the compare to version link to display page comparison details