May 012013

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From the Blackboard Grade Center, Instructors can use the Email feature to send emails to selected users in their course. A copy of the email is sent to the sender by default. Note: Instructors and Students need to read their email through HVCC WebMail, Send Email only sends email to the students HVCC email address.

Send the Email

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Grade Center
  • Select Full Grade Center
  • Select the Check Box next to the name of the Student(s) you want to send an email to
    • Select the upper most check box to select all users
  • Select Email
  • Select Email Selected Users
  • Email Information
    • To: field displays selected student(s) name(s)
    • Additional Recipients (Bcc): enter an email address in the field
    • From: field displays senders name
    • Enter a Subject in the Subject field
    • Enter a Message in the Message field.
    • Recommended: Include list of recipients: selecting this check box option will display a list of all email recipients in the email message
    • Optional: Attachments:
      • Select Attach a file
      • Select Browse to locate and select a file to attach to the email. After adding one file, the option to attach another file will appear.
  • Select Submit to send the email message
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “The following Users were notified: names of selected user(s) displays.

Read/Reply to Email

  • To Read and Reply to email messages you must log in to HVCC WebMail.
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