May 032013

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Instructors can generate grade reports for students and easily print reports for their records.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Grade Center
  • Select Full Grade Center
  • Select Reports
  • Select Create Report
  • Header Information
    • Report Name: Select the check box and enter a Report Name in the field
    • Check any other options
  • Users
    • Select one of the following options
      • All Users: selects all students in the course
      • All Users in Group: Select the name of a group to highlight and select it.
        • To select multiple groups hold down the “Ctrl” (Command on Mac) key and select the group name
      • Selected Users: Select the name of a student to highlight and select them.
        • To select multiple users hold down the “Ctrl” (Command on Mac) key and click on the student names.
      • Include Hidden Users in Reports: select the check box to include any hidden users
  • User Information
    • Select the check boxes for First Name and Last Name
    • Check any other desired options
  • Columns
    • Select one of the following options:
      • Columns currently displayed in the grid (in display order)
      • All Columns – all grade center columns are included in the report
      • All Columns in Category – all grade center columns in a set category included in the report
      • Selected Columns – Select desired  grade center column(s) to include in the report
      • Optional: Select the check box to Include hidden columns in reports (use if you have columns hidden from the grade center spread sheet view)
  • Column Information
    • Select any desired options (name and grade are defaults)
  • Footer Information
    • Select any desired options
  • Select Submit
  • To Print Report(s): Select the Print option from your browser
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