May 102013

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Instructors can add comments or feedback to students in a number of locations. Comments are viewed by Students when they review their Grades. Feedback and additional comments can be added in a number of locations and students can view the comments/feedback from their My Grades page.

Quick Comments via the Grade Center

Grades entered directly into a grade cell from the “spreadsheet” view of the Grade Center are considered override grades, meaning whatever grade is entered in the cell will replace whatever grade was given previously. However, to enter comments/feedback to students you will need to view the grade details page or use the Quick Comment feature.

Important Note: a grade must be entered in the cell before the quick comments option appears

To access Quick Comment:

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Grade Center
  • Select Full Grade Center
  • Navigate to the grade column and hover your cursor over the desired cell
  • From the cell, select the Down Arrow to open the menu
  • Select Quick Comment
  • From the Quick Comment pop-up enter comments in either/or:
    • Feedback to Learner (visible to students)
      • Enter comments in the text field
    • Grading Notes (visible only to you, the instructor)
      • Enter comments in the text field

Grades can also be overridden and comments added from the Grade Details page by selecting Manual Override tab which also allows you to enter Feedback to Learner and Grading Notes. If you upload an external file containing new data to the Grade Center these grades will override any previously entered grades as well.

Detailed Feedback to Learner and Grading Notes can be provided on any assessment, assignment, etc. by viewing the students attempt or activity.

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