May 142013

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Instructors can add textbook information to a course by searching for the textbook.

Set Edit Mode to ON to perform these functions.

  • From a Content Area
  • Select Publisher Content
  • Select Search for Textbook
  • From the Search for Textbook page

    • Search: from the drop down menu select search criteria
    • Keywords: enter search information (author, ISBN, etc.) in the field
    • Type: from the drop down menu select textbook type
    • Select Go to view your search results
  • Review search results and choose the Select button to add your textbook
  • Textbook Information
    • Displays the textbook details
    • Textbook in Course: choose either Required or Recommended (required)
  • Options
    • Permit Users to View this Content: Choose Yes to make the item available to students. Choose No to make the item unavailable to students
    • Track Number of Views: Choose Yes to record the number of times the item is viewed, when it is viewed and by whom
    • Select Date and Time Restrictions: Choose the Display After date/time and/or the Display Until date/time
  • Select Submit
    • To add another textbook: Select Submit and Add Another
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