Aug 122014

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Discussion Board grading can be done through the Discussion Board Forum or the Grade Center. Once grades are entered for a discussion board the grades appear in the Grade Center.

  • Select and enter a Discussion Board Forum
  • Select Grade Discussion Forum grade discussion forum button
  • Select the Grade button next to the name of the student you want to grade

grade discussion forum button

The Grading area (located on the right-hand side of page) contains the following areas:

A. Review student posts in the left hand side content pane

Full Grade Discussion Forum

B.  Forum Statistics – Click to access the drop-down area that includes information about a student’s post, such as Total Posts, Date of Last Post, Average Post Length, and Average Post Position.

forum statistics

C.  Click the down-pointing arrow next to the current user’s name to view a list, and select a user with posts ready to grade. The selected user’s posts appear in the content frame.

  • Use the left- and right-pointing arrows to navigate to the previous or next student.

D.  If you associated a rubric for this forum, click the rubric link to complete the rubric in the pane or step E

E. Click the view rubric in separate window buttonview rubric in window  to view and grade the rubric in a separate window

To grade using a Rubric:

  •  Choose rubric grading criteria
  • If desired, enter a revised grade in the Change the number of points out of __ to: field

F. Enter Feedback in the Feedback field (displays to students)

G. Insert a file – Click to insert a file

H. Spell Check – Click to spell check

I.  Full content Editor buttonFull Content Editor – Select to compose detailed or formatted comments

  • Select the Show More button show more to view toolbars in Text Editor

J. Enter Grading Notes in the Grading Notes field (displays only to instructor)

Select the Save Grade button

K.  To edit an existing grade, click in the Grade box and change the grade

Select Submit

The grade will then display in the Grade Center

  • To grade the next user: choose one of the following:
    • From the view Contributors bar, use either the Next User: or Previous User: arrows (< or >)
    • Select OK to return to the Grade Discussion Users page and select the Grade button next to the students name or to return to the Grade Center