Jul 282014

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Announcements are ordered by date created so, if you post a new announcement, it will be stacked on top of the last one and so on. However, you can easily reorder the way announcements appear on the announcements page by dragging and dropping the items.

  • Set Edit Mode to ON
  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Course Tools
  • Select Announcements
  • Select the Up/Down arrows to the left of any announcement item
  • While holding down the mouse button.
  • Drag the announcement item to the new position
    • A dotted-line rectangle box appears in areas where you can position the item
  • Let go of the mouse button to Drop the announcement item into the new position

If you have trouble moving your announcements this way, you can also use the Keyboard Accessible Reordering Keyboard Accessible Reordering button on the very right hand side.  This will open a dialog box in which you use the up and down arrows to reorder your announcements, then click Submit.