Sep 192014

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Course content items will appear in a content area or folder in the order they were created in. You can organize the course content so they appear in the order you would like them.

  • Set Edit Mode to ON
  • Hover your cursor in the left margin of the course item near or on the Up/Down arrow cross hair 
  • Your mouse button turns into a cross hair
  • While Holding down the mouse button, Drag the content item to a new position
    • A dotted-line rectangle box appears in areas where you can position the content item
    • Let go of the mouse button to Drop the content item into the new position
  • Alternatively, you can use the Keyboard Accessible Reordering Content button at the right hand side of the screen keyboard accessbile reorder button
  • In the Reorder content box, select the item you want to move and use the move down/up arrows to move the item.
  • When the items are arranged in the desired order, click Submit.

reorder dailog box

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