Sep 192014

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Using the Move feature for a content item allows instructors to move content from one location in the course to another. You can also move a content item from one course to another. Unlike copy if you Move content it is no longer available in the original location.

Please note, that tests can be moved using the move content feature from within the course. You cannot move a test from one course to another using the Move content feature. Tests can be moved over using the Export/Import Individual Test tool (if you use Pools you may also need to Export/Import Individual Pools as well).

  • Set Edit Mode to ON
  • Select the Down arrow next to the title of the content you want to move
  • Select Move
  • Content Information

    • Displays Content Name by Default
  • Destination
    • Destination Course: use the Drop Down Menu to select a course, by default the course you are currently in appears
    • Destination Folder: select the Browse button to choose the content area location where you want to move to
    • Select No for “Create links for items which cannot be copied” because if the original content is deleted the copied links will not work
  • Select Submit
    • A green confirmation bar appears saying: “Success: Item Moved.
    • If you move content that has an item that can’t be moved, such as a Test then an orange confirmation bar appears saying: “Warning: The move operation has completed but the following items could not be successfully moved….
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