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About MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard

Why used? The MyHudsonValley Portal/ Blackboard is the college’s secure online Web portal powered by Blackboard. It is your online source for Blackboard courses, student announcements and other key information from the college, college resources, and customized information.

How to Access? To access the MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard and your courses, go to https://my.hvcc.edu OR, go to the Hudson Valley Community College home page (www.hvcc.edu), select the Current Students link and then the MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard link.

Log in using your username and password (same as your Email and WIReD accounts). Once you’ve logged in, you will have access to your courses.

Need Help with MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard

Contact the Distance and Online Learning Help Desk

  • By sending an email to DLHelp@hvcc.edu or calling the Help Desk at 518-629-7070
  • Stopping by our office in BTC 1042 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Summer Hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • By selecting the Tutorials and Support tab in Blackboard.

Need Username and Password Help?

Need Access to a Computer?

  • Computer Learning Centers are available to all students registered at Hudson Valley Community College. Students may use the centers, located on the lower level and second floor of the Marvin Library, for academic computing. For more information, https://www.hvcc.edu/clc/index.html

Blackboard  “How-to” Course

  • Check out the “How to Use the Blackboard Learning System” course, available in your course list all semester long. Find helpful Tutorials, practice Discussion Board, practice quiz, and more.

Global Navigation and My Blackboard

The Global Navigation and My Blackboard panel provides users with easy access to timely information for courses, organizations, etc. You can quickly tell when there is something new or needs your attention by the notification indicator – the number of notification appears in red next to your name. Just select your name to open the Global Navigation panel.

The User Menu allows you to access Courses or Organizations that you are enrolled in and have recently visited. You can also edit personal settings such as font size from the user menu. However, some personal setting options are not editable because the changes would effect how Blackboard talks to HVCC systems, such as Banner/WIReD.

The My Blackboard menu allows you to view grades for courses or organizations you are enrolled in, course updates, posts, and more.

Student Global Navigation & My Blackboard

Navigating the MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard System

When you first log into Blackboard you are taken to the Home tab, from here you can see modules for your course list, organization list, student announcements, online learning resources, and more.

Note: You will not see the course(s) you are registered for until the start date of the term you are registered for.

  • Courses: Quick View – Displays all Blackboard courses you are enrolled in that are available to you (or to students). Select the Course Title to access it.
  • My Organizations – Displays all Blackboard organizations you are enrolled in. Select the Organization Title to access it.
  • Student Announcements – Displays Important information about the college, upcoming events, and more.
  • Need Help? – Select the Support and Training tab or the *How to Use the Blackboard Learning System* course
  • Tools – displays links to popular resources and system tools
    • WIReD (Access to Records and Registration) – Check for Mid-term and Final Grades, View Bill and Pay, Schedule, Transcripts and more.
    • WebMail (Access your HVCC Email) – takes you to your HVCC email account

    Home tab - Access Courses, Organizations, College Announcements, Tools and more

For further details on exploring the Portal/Blackboard system go here, https://docs.hvcc.edu/dl/?p=5986.

Blackboard Course Interface

Course Environment

  • Page Header – top of the page, displays tabs, Global Navigation and My Blackboard menu, and logout button.
  • Tabs – allows you to navigate to different types of information and areas of Blackboard. Go here for more on exploring the portal tabs
  • Course Menu – allows you to maneuver around the course and access course materials, assignments, tests, discussions and more.
  • Course Frame – displays the chosen course menu tool or content area (such as Modules, Getting Started, etc.). By default, when you enter a course, the Course Entry Point is displayed. In most cases the Announcements page is displayed however it could be whatever page your instructor has chosen, such as Course Dashboard, Getting Started, etc.
  • Bread Crumb Trail – displays the navigational path to a specific page (location in the course). The breadcrumb trail appears at the top of a course page and the links can be used to go back to previous pages. Using the breadcrumb trail you can quickly navigate back to section of the course without having to start the whole navigation process from the beginning.

For further details on exploring the Portal/Blackboard system go here, https://docs.hvcc.edu/dl/?p=6097.

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