Jul 012013

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Blackboard shows links to your previous semester course(s) on the Home tabs. Using the MyPage tab, you can modify your course list so only the current semester’s course(s) are displayed.

Note: If you have already set-up your MyPage tab proceed to Cleaning Your Course List below.

Configuring the MyPage Tab

You only need to do this to initially set-up your MyPage tab

  • In Blackboard, select the MyPage tab
  • Select Add Module, located in the upper-left corner of the page
  • MyPage - Add Module
  • From the Add button for My Courses (allows you to modify which courses appear and whether announcements are displayed, etc)
    Important Note: If you select Courses: Quick View you cannot editing what courses appear.
    • Select any other modules you may want to add such as My Organizations, Student Announcements, Student Resources, etc.
    • To Remove modules on your MyPage: select the Remove button for the module
    • MyPage - Add/Remove Module
  • Select the OK button, located at the end of the page to return to the MyPage page
  • You have set-up your MyPage tab to display your course list, to modify/clean-up the course list please see instructions below

Cleaning Your Course List on the MyPage Tab

  • From the MyPage tab, locate the My Courses module
  • Hover the cursor over the My Courses text to display hidden options and select the Sprocket icon (Manage My Courses Module Settings) that appears
  • Module Settings icon
  • Edit Course List
    • Check or Un-check the box(es) for each course you want to hide/show in your My Courses list
    • Check or Un-check the box(es) for any other column(s) you do/don’t want to display information for. Such as Announcements, Instructors, etc.
    • My Courses Options and Settings
  • Edit List of Courses on Other Systems
    • Not Applicable
  • Select Submit