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The Files area allows you to create a repository of course materials that is specific to a course. Allowing you to load multiple files into a course at once so you can easily link to them as needed. Hudson Valley Community College has the Blackboard Learn System configured in a way that allows our users to create a repository course which they can then link to from multiple courses.

Why use a repository course? What’s the advantage? If you teach multiple sections of the same course you can just upload for example a course syllabus once and link to it. Need to make changes to the syllabus you just need to update within the repository course and that’s it, the change is reflected in all courses. You have PowerPoints, PDFs, audio files, etc. you can put them in the repository course and link to them freeing up the size of your course each semester because all the content stays in one location, it’s not duplicate when you export/import.

What’s the disadvantage? If you aren’t careful you could change information that you don’t actually want to change. Meaning, if you export and import a course for the next term and change a document/file in the repository course you no longer have the original available in case it’s needed at a later date. So, it would be recommended to make a copy of pertinent files instead of overriding the originals for historical purposes.

Create a Repository Course

What do you need? An empty “Z” area (development) course. Don’t have one or need another contact Distance and Online Learning at or 518-629-7070 to request one.

Setting Up the Repository Course

Rename the Z area so you can quickly identify it within your course list.

IMPORTANT: You should only change the name of “Z” area courses, changing the name for courses that are on the master schedule will mess with programming between Blackboard and Banner.

If you need a new Z area please contact the Distance and Online Learning help desk at

  • From the Control Panel of your course
  • Select Customization
  • Select Properties
  • Go to Name and Description
    • Course Name: Enter a name, such as Name of Course_Course_Repository
  • Select Submit
  • A green confirmation bar will appear indicating that the properties have been updated

Renaming Z area Course for Repository Course

Adding Content to Repository Course

Using the following resources you can now set up your course files directory structure by creating folders and adding files.

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