Sep 272013
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Linking to Repository Course Files Using a Web Link

  • Go to the Repository Course
  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Files
    • Tip: for quick access to the Files area select the Right-Arrow icon
  • Select the title of the course to access the files area
  • Within Files, navigate to the item you want to link to
  • Hover over the item and select the Down Arrow
  • Select 360° View from the menu
  • A new window opens
  • Located Permanent URL:
    • Highlight the permanent URL and Copy using the keyboard shortcut, Crtl-C (Mac: Command-C)
    • 360 View and permanent link
  • Now, navigate to course where you want to add the link
  • From a Content Area (such as Modules)
  • Select Build Content
  • Select Web Link
  • Web Link Information
    • Enter a Name in the Name field (something descriptive about the link)
    • Paste the URL you copied previously into the URL field
      • Paste using the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-V (Mac: Command-V)
  • Description
    • Enter descriptive content/information in the Text field
  • Attachments (Optional)
    • Select Browse My Computer or Browse Course to locate and select a file
      • To attach another file: select Browse My Computer or Browse Course again to locate and select a file
      • To remove a file: select Do not attach, located next to an attached file
    • Optional: By default your file name will display to users, to specify a title:
      • Locate the Link Title column, click in the text box and enter a new link title
  • Web Link Options
    • Recommended Open in New Window: Choose Yes to have the website open in a new browser window or choose No to have it open within the Blackboard window
  • Standard Options
    • Permit Users to View this Content: Choose Yes to make the item available to students. Choose No to make the item unavailable to students
    • Track Number of Views: Choose Yes to record the number of times the URL is viewed, when it is viewed and by whom
    • Select Date and Time Restrictions: Choose the Display After date/time and/or the Display Until date/time
  • Select Submit
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: name of Web Link created.

Controlling Access to Course Files

Go to Controlling Access to Folders and Files (Permissions) for more information on adding permissions to your files or folders. If you don’t have the proper permissions then students will not be able to access or view the files.


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