Jul 302014

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Images within discussion board threads can enhance discussion board topics or they can stimulate class discussion.

  • Search for and locate an image on the Internet
  • Save an image from a web page to your computer
    • Right-mouse click on the image
      • Mac Users: control key and mouse click
    • Select Save Image As or Save Picture As from the menu that appears
      • Mac Users: Save Image As from the menu that appears
    • The Save dialog box appears, select a location or folder to save your file to, for example Pictures or Documents
      • If desired, enter a New Name for your file in the text box next to “Save As:”
    • Select the Save button and your file will be saved in the location you specified
  • Go to Blackboard
  • Navigate to the Discussion Board and Forum where you want to post an with an image
  • Select Create Thread or Reply to a Thread
  • In the content editor, place the cursor in the location of the text where you want to insert (embed) an image
  • Select the Insert/Edit Image icon from the tool content editor menu
    • If the Insert/Edit Image icon is not available you will need to expand the tool bar menu by selecting the Show More/Less Chevron

    Insert/Edit Image and Tool Bar Toggle

  • Select Browse My Computer from the Insert/Edit Image window
  • Locate and select your image file
  • Enter a description in the Image Description field
    Browse Computer button and Image Description field
  • Select the Appearance tab to re-size the image for the discussion board so it’s not too large
    Image Size Recommendation: Use 350 pixels (px) for the best size fit within discussion board posts. When changing image dimensions you want to only change the larger number. For example you have an image that is 3000 x 2000, you want to change the 3000 number and Blackboard will change the proportions to fit.

Appearance tab and Dimensions

  • Click off the Dimensions field and the proportions will adjust
  • Select the Insert button and the image will appear in the content editor
  • Continue to enter text in the Message field to complete your thread
  • Select Submit to post
    • Or select Save Draft to save and return later to complete and submit the post. Instructors and classmates can only see Submitted posts.