Oct 102013

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You can add web links using the Content Editor (Text Editor) as well. Although, some areas of Blackboard you can only link to content within the course, not external websites. Even though the capability is provided within the Content Editor it is highly recommend that you use the Web Link tool to link to external resources. The links embedded within the content editor are more likely to break as you move your course each semester. Also, it’s important to set external web links to open in a new window so students aren’t prompted with a confusing message about leaving the Blackboard environment. Although, this feature is available when embedding a link the option doesn’t always work when selected.

  • Search for and locate a website or web page on the Internet
  • Place your cursor in the Web Address bar and highlight the web address
  • Use keyboard short cut to copy: “Ctrl C” (Command C for Mac)
  • Go to Blackboard
  • Navigate to a Content Editor (Text Editor) item where you want to add a web link (i.e. an item, folder, discussion board, etc.)
  • In the text box editor:
    • Either, enter text and highlight where you want to insert (embed) the web link
    • Or, highlight the text where you want to insert the web link
  • Select the Insert/Edit link icon from the tool content editor menu
  • Content Editor Insert/Edit Link icon
  • The Insert/Edit Link pop-up appears
    • Enter or paste the web address in the Link Path field
      • To paste use “Ctrl V” (Command V for Mac)
    • Select Open in New Window (_blank) from the Target menu
  • Select the Insert button

Content Editor - Insert/Edit Link pop-up and options

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