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Blackboard Course Interface

Course Components

  • Page Header – top of the page, displays tabs, Global Navigation and My Blackboard menu, and logout button.
  • Tabs – allows you to navigate to different types of information and areas of Blackboard.
    • Home – displays when you first log into Blackboard, on this page are modules for your course list, organization list, student announcements, tools and such.
    • Support and Training – contains documentation and training resources for Blackboard and online Lea
    • MyPage – allows you to customize your Blackboard experience. You can use this tab to set-up and customize which courses and/or organizations are displayed on this page.  You can also choose to display other Blackboard tools and content items on this page.
    • Library – brings you to the Hudson Valley Community College library page
    • Faculty/Staff – contains links to Employee Resources, College Computing updates, Library Research Databases, and more.
    • Community – contains a list of all the organizations you are a leader or participant of. Leaders have editing control of the organization content like an instructor does for a course. Participants can only view the content and interact with activities that are provided, like student’s in a course. You can also search for organizations from the organization catalog. More and more offices are starting to use organizations to communicate important documentation and information to faculty and staff.
  • Course Menu (see Course Navigation Overview for more information) – allows users to maneuver around the course design and layout. Instructors create the navigational path for users.
  • Course Frame – Displays the selected tool or content area. By default, when you enter a course, the Announcements page appears or the page that you choose to be the course entry point.
  • Control Panel – The central access point for setting and controlling functions within a course. You can manage the course style, course tools, availability, grading, users, etc. from this area. The Control Panel does not display to students or participant users.
  • Action Bar – displays as rows at the top of a page that contains page-level actions such as Build Content, Search, Delete, and Upload. The functions on the action bar change depending on where you are in your course. The action bar can contain multiple rows of functions such as on the main Grade Center page.
  • Edit Mode (see Edit Mode for more information) – allows Instructors to make changes to content in the Course view instead of navigating through the Control Panel.
  • Student Preview – allows you to quickly change from instructor view to a student view
  • Bread Crumb – consists of links that display a navigation path to a specific page (location in a course). The breadcrumb trail appears at the top of a course page and can be used to go back to previous pages. Using the breadcrumb trail you can quickly navigate back to section without having to start the whole navigation process from the beginning.

Course to Course Navigation

When navigating to a new area or page within Blackboard, only the material in the content frame changes. The tabs and header frame remain static so that they are always available for quick access to navigation features. To navigate between courses, you can use the Home tab, MyPage tab, Global Navigation, or the course-to-course navigation feature (select the arrow next to the House icon to open a menu window).

Course to Course Navigations

Control Panel

You can take control with the control panel, this is the main access point for course administration. Only certain user roles can access this area such as: instructors, system administrators, or teaching assistants. Students do not have access to this area.

The Control Panel is located below the course menu and contains for following areas:

Control Panel
  • Content Collection – Provides you access to files within your course (such as Word or PDF documents). You can also view the files within other courses.
  • Course Tools – Provides you access to all the tools available within your course. These tools are administered from this area.
  • Evaluation – Provides links to Course Reports, Retention Center, Performance Dashboard – all tools allow you to track, monitor, and view student progress, etc.
  • Grade Center – Provides access to the Grade Center for grading and any available favorites such as Needs Grading.
  • Users and Groups – Provides access to  course user management tools and group creation and administration
  • Customization – Provides you access to course setting options such as course availability to students, teaching style (button/link design), and more.
  • Packages and Utilities – Provides access to Import, Export, etc. functions
  • Help – Provides links to help resources such as the Blackboard Instructor Manual
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