Oct 282013

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This Blackboard tutorial covers in detail the Global Navigation and My Blackboard interface.

The Global Navigation and My Blackboard panel provides users with easy access to timely information for courses, organizations, etc. You can quickly tell when there is something new or needs your attention by the notification indicator – the number of notification appears in red next to your name. Just select your name to open the Global Navigation panel.

The User Menu allows you to access Courses or Organizations that you are enrolled in and have recently visited. You can also edit personal settings such as font size from the user menu. However, some personal setting options are not editable because the changes would effect how Blackboard talks to HVCC systems, such as Banner/WIReD.

The My Blackboard menu provides you with easy and quick access to critical and timely information regarding your courses, organizations such as updates, posts, and more.Global Navigation and My Blackboard

For more information you can watch this short video about Global Navigation and My Blackboard.

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