Jun 232014

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Typically the course entry point defaults to the first course menu item which is often the Announcements page because of the way Hudson Valley has empty course shells set-up. Instructors can select which course page they want to use as the first page of their course. You can choose from a course dashboard, announcements page, etc.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Customization
  • Select Teaching Style
  • Navigate to 2: Select Course Entry Point
    • Select a course area using the drop down menu
  • Select Submit

Note: If the Course Entry Point is changed, the Instructor must refresh the browser to view the change. Setting a new Course entry point takes effect immediately. However, the user will not see the change until they log out of Blackboard and log back in.

 June 23, 2014  Posted by at 9:56 am Course Design (the look and feel), Course Menu