Jan 272014

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You may need to clear a Student’s submission to enable them to re-attempt a Test. But before allowing them to take another attempt you will want to save a copy of their previous attempt for your records.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Grade Center
  • Select Full Grade Center
  • Navigate to the grade column for the test
  • Hover your cursor over the desired cell
  • From the cell, select the Down arrow to open the menu
  • Select View Grade Details
  • Select the View Attempts button
  • On the Grade Test page, select >> Test Information to expand the options panel
  • Select Submit Attempt button to submit on behalf of the student
  • A confirmation pop-up message appears, to submit the attempt on behalf of the student select OK, to end attempt submission select Cancel
  • If desired, review submission and grade
  • Select Submit when finished
  • Now from the Grade Details page, select the Ignore Attempt button
    • Ignoring an attempt will keep the previous attempt on record in Blackboard but will allow an additional attempt for a student
  • Choose one of the following options:
    • Select either the Next User/Column arrows (>) or the Previous User/Column arrows (<)to go to the previous student (located next to the current student’s name or the grade column name) or the Jump to… menu
    • Select Return to Grade Center to exit grade details page