Apr 042014

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Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool designed for education. With the tools available and the capabilities you can engage in a virtual classroom as if it were face-to-face.

The resources below will help you get started with the web conferencing tool:

  • Moderator Guide – This guide is for those who are going to be setting up sessions and running them, most likely a course instructor. Although, an instructor may choose to have students take over a session so they can run the session.
  • Participant Guide – This guide is for those who are just going to view and listen to sessions, most likely a student in a course.
  • Content Sharing Tips: When sharing an application or screen in Collaborate Ultra, a user may experience a tunnel view, or infinite-window effect. This will occur when the screen or browser that is selected for sharing is displaying the active Ultra session.
    • Share an individual application rather than the entire screen.
    • Prior to sharing the browser that is hosting the Ultra session, open a new browser window to use for shared content.
    • If multiple browsers are available, use one to host the session, and one to host the shared content.