Jun 102014

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With Respondus you can create a formatted “text” file such as a MS Word document of test/pool questions that can be imported into the product.

Video Tutorials:

Respondus Video Library

Standard Formatting for Importing Questions

Before you can import your questions from a text file you need to format your questions so Respondus can import them.

Go to Respondus Standard Format for a copy of the Standard Format for Importing Questions handout. Go to Respondus Image Format for a copy of the Format for Importing Images in questions.

Import Questions

  • Open Respondus
  • Select Import Questions from the Start tab
  • 1. Select the File to Import
    • Select a File Type from the drop down menu such as RTF or Microsoft Word 2007 (docx)
    • Select Browse to located and choose the text file you have created
    • Import Questions Step 1
  • 2. Choose where to add the new questions
    • Select one of the following options:
      • Append the questions to the current document
      • Recommended: Create a new document, named: and enter a Name in the field provided
    • Type of File to create: select either Exam or Survey
    • Select the check box if you want to create question titles
    • Import Questions Step 2
  • 3. Use the Preview button to check for problems
    • Select the Preview button
    • A preview of the question(s) is displayed and whether there are any errors with the file
    • Import Questions Steps 3 & 4
  • 4. Press Finish button to complete the process
    • Select the Finish button once your preview displays no errors
  • A File Saved window appears, select OK to continue
  • You will be taken to the Edit tab where you can view your questions, make edits to questions, etc.
  • From the Edit tab:
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