Jun 112014
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  • Open Respondus
  • Select the Retrieval & Reports tab
  • Select the Retrieve Questions tab to the left
  • Retrieval & Reports tab
  • The Retrieve Questions Wizard opens
  • Choose a Blackboard Server from the drop down menu
  • Select Next
  • Retrieve Questions Wizard step 1
  • Select a Course from the drop down menu
  • Select a Exam, Survey, or Pool
    • Use the drop down menu to choose the Exam, Survey, or Pool
  • Enter a Name for the file in the text field provided (you must enter something)
  • Select Next to continue
  • Retrieve Questions Wizard step 2
  • The Retrieve Questions Wizard runs, once completed select OK on the File Saved screen
  • File Saved pop up
  • Select Finish
  • Wizard complete
  • Now select the Start tab and choose Open from the menu to view the Respondus file containing your retrieved questions
  • Opening retrieved questions file
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